Premier Care in Bathing Promote Safety at Home Ahead of World Senior Citizen Day

Redditch, United Kingdom (24 December, 2010) – Premier Care in Bathing, a leading global provider of assisted bathing solutions for the elderly and infirm, hope to use the United Nations’ annual International Day of Older Persons on October 1st as an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of safer bathing at home.

International Day of Old Persons is a global observance of the many significant contributions made to society by the elderly. The day is marked with speeches from politicians, media features and interviews with senior citizens, who are invited to discuss the ways in which their past has shaped our present.

Other activities include the displaying of promotional material in schools, with the intention of teaching children to respect and value older persons, as well as media announcements to promote inter-generational cooperation on voluntary activities regarding such issues as the environment, health, education and community services.

Premier Care in Bathing aim to use this heightened media presence for elderly people to draw attention to the dangers of falling, which faces many of them in the perceived safety of their own homes every day. Falling is the second highest cause of hospitalisation in the UK, with over-65s accounting for more than half of those hospitalised.

Falls are responsible for 90% of hip fractures in elderly people, and 25% of those fracture victims die within one year as a result of deteriorating health conditions caused by the injury. These damning statistics indicate the worth of products such as the walk-in baths and showers designed and installed by Premier Care in Bathing.

“When it comes to discussing the merits of installing assisted bathing products in the homes of the elderly, the statistics speak for themselves,” commented a spokesperson for Premier Care in Bathing. “50% of senior citizen falls occur in the home, 80% of which happen in the bathroom. If you consider that 78% of home falls take place when transitioning from one level to another, such as over the lip of a bath, it becomes quite easy to see what an enormous difference easy access baths and mobility showers make to the lives of elderly people.

“We hope that the increased attention brought upon senior citizens by the International Day of Older Persons will encourage people to recognise the invaluable benefits of assisted bathing.”

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