Plastic is Here to Stay

[15/06/2012]- The modern world is becoming more and more technical, where once we used to pay for goods and services with cash we now rely on the use of plastic cards in the form of debit, credit and store cards. Over the years, our wallets and purses have become filled to bursting with these small pieces of plastic. Membership cards, loyalty cards, discount cards and security access cards are a few examples that we would not dream of leaving home without. How did we survive without them? Well, they are here to stay and, utilised in the right way, can be an asset to any company.

Have Fun with Your Design
Numerous blank cards are available for you to print your own design, photo or logo on resulting in an impressive, crystal clear and sharp quality finish. You can be as imaginative or conservative as you like, secure in the knowledge that an excellent reproduction of photographs can be achieved with realistic skin tones. The quality is of a high standard ensuring long life and durability. Choose from plain white, magnetic strip, signature strip or coloured PVC. Also available are self-adhesive cards enabling them to be personalised and re-used again and again. Blank plastic cards are available for a variety of different uses. Digital ID can offer a vast selection to furnish needs, ranging from security access to membership cards, all at an affordable and realistic price.

Perhaps your business already uses cards for some purpose and you are already well aware of the benefits involved. If this is the case, you could look at additional ways of incorporating them into your structure and further enhance the rewards. Maybe your existing cards need a facelift, let your creative personnel or design team have some fun and update your printed images. You never know, they may come up with some fantastic new ideas.

Digital ID can accommodate numerous requirements for plastic cards. They supply everything from plain white plastic, blank ID and blank photo cards to hi-co and lo-co magnetic cards. Signature strip cards are also available. All these plastic cards are compatible with any plastic card printer (also available). The company offers a prompt delivery service and a reassuring price promise enabling you to purchase with confidence.

In addition Digital ID carries an impressive stock inventory. Just one quick glance at their web site reveals that they have over two and a half million products in stock. This is a positive sign of a reliable and competitive company who are here to stay.

Digital ID, (Head Office)
Seaton House,Wellington Street
Stockport, Cheshire, UK
Zip: SK1 3AD
Tel: 0808 163 8002


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