The Office Phone System Continues to Evolve

England 06/09/2012 – Buying the right office phone system is crucial to the success of a business and the choice gets better and better

Over the years, the office phone system has evolved and today there is a lot of choice. This is fortunate because it gives firms the flexibility they need in the modern world. Having more choice allows firms, especially small firms, to find exactly the right system for them. It also makes it easy for them to save money, which in the current climate is especially important.

One of the more recent capabilities to be added to modern systems is to be able to extend the office phone system to home workers. This means that staff who are working at home can use the same system as those working in the office. They can make calls at the same rates negotiated by the firm they work for. Any calls they make via this system are automatically charged to the firm. This gives firms and workers the flexibility they need. It makes it possible for someone to still come to work during inclement weather or to work from home almost permanently. This can save firms money on running office space.

Increasingly firms are turning to VoIP systems. These systems give firms the flexibility they need and save them a lot of money. Firms also like these systems because it enables them to run the same system across both their office based and mobile phones. This continuity helps them to keep track and control of their communication bills. It also gives them a single point of contact when it comes to support and means only training their personnel on one system.

The Avandda office phone system provides an additional safety net
Modern office systems provide firms with a far higher degree of security. The hardware they run on is far more reliable than it once was. However, some firms like Avandda go the extra mile and provide an additional safety net. They set up their systems so that should the physical phone lines in an area fail they have the capability to divert calls around the problem.

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