10/02/2012 – Give an old vehicle to a good cause with the help of giveacar.co.uk and you could help those in need.

Giveacar is an innovative independent website which allows those who have an unwanted or aging car the opportunity to make a donation and help the charity of their choice. For anyone who has a car which is not roadworthy, which will most likely end up on the scrapheap, the option to instead give a vehicle to a good cause is an excellent one which will not only help them to dispose of their car, but will also benefit some of the most vulnerable people and good causes across the UK and, indeed, internationally.

There are currently more than 500 charities working with Giveacar, so the chances are good that donors will be able to find a charity which they are happy to support by donating their old, unwanted car to charity.

For those who want to give an old vehicle to a good cause, the process has been made extremely simple. The giveacar website can be used to get in contact with the company. They will then send out a professional to collect the unwanted vehicle which will then be auctioned off or scrapped. Donors will always be made aware of how much their vehicle has raised for charity and they will always be allowed to choose which of the participating charities they wish to donate the proceeds of their vehicle to.

About Giveacar:

Giveacar are an independent, not for profit social enterprise who work with various charities to raise money from the sale of donated vehicles in the UK and beyond.

The website launched back in 2010 and it is already making waves in the charity world. The company works tirelessly to raise funds for various charities, whilst also giving vehicle owners a simple and efficient way to dispose of their unwanted cars whilst benefitting others.

So far, Giveacar over £500,000 has been raised for charity and they are receiving more and more donations each and every week.


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