12/03/2012 – William A. Lewis have a fantastic range of vehicles which can be leased by those who qualify for the Motability car scheme.

Those who suffer from mobility problems often have a tough time in getting around and doing the things that they need to do. The Motability scheme is something which has been put in place to redress the balance and allow those with mobility problems to be able to live life and have access to the services which the able bodied often take for granted.

William A. Lewis stocks a fantastic range of high end cars which can be leased by those who are entitled to a Motability car. They stock all of the biggest names from Nissan to Volvo and the cost of any modifications which need to be made to make the cars disability friendly will be taken care of as part of the monthly lease.

When you lease a Motability vehicle from William A. Lewis, you will get a generous 60,000 mileage allowance and all of your extras such as road tax, insurance and breakdown services will be covered in the cost of the monthly payment. The company will also give you all of the specialist advice that you need when choosing which vehicle would be most suitable for you – so they really take the hassle out of arranging a Motability car.

About William A. Lewis:

William A. Lewis was established way back in 1945 and has a great reputation in the motor industry. Today, the company are one of the biggest car dealerships in the Shropshire area and they have five franchises operating under the prestigious name. They boast a fantastically large range of the best cars and vans from Renault, Volvo, Nissan and more. They take part in the Motability car scheme, in which they are specialists, and are in fact Motability Premier Partners so any individuals who are entitled to a car under the scheme will get a great service if they choose to lease their car through William A. Lewis.


William A. Lewis Cars Limited

Harlescott Lane,

Shrewsbury, UK

Zip: SY1 3AG

Web: http://www.williamalewis.co.uk/motability