MiX Telematics Launches New MiX Track Vehicle Tracking Product

Birmingham, United Kingdom February 24th 2011– Vehicle tracking solutions offer a number of uses to the commercial business, as well as to individual car owners. Extensive vehicle tracking programs can be used to manage every aspect of a company’s fleet so that they are always aware of a vehicle’s whereabouts and can deploy one or more vehicles to any desired location. However, smaller industries and individuals with only one or a small handful of vehicles are also demanding a simpler solution.

MiX Track has been designed to meet such requirements. Rather than offering a full fleet management program, it is a pure vehicle tracking solution. A single on-board computer is discreetly placed on the vehicle and this then transmits data regarding the vehicle’s whereabouts to secure, remote servers.
Once the information is on Mix Telematics’ servers, it can then be accessed by the vehicle owner from any Internet enabled computer or even mobile device. This makes it possible to track vehicles from the office, from home, or even while on the move and it can provide an efficient way to track progress, manage drivers, and even help recover lost or stolen vehicles.
As the data is stored remotely, customers are also able to access historical data which can be used to track overall and lifetime progress. This can prove useful for invoicing, billing, and expenses as well as for checking the performance of drivers and even the vehicles.

Companies are also offered the opportunity to decide how they would prefer to pay for their vehicle tracking. A pay as you go type service is ideal for those companies that do not wish to be tied down to a contract, while a monthly contract offers the ability to start tracking vehicles without having to pay any up front costs whatsoever.

MiX Telematics, a global vehicle tracking company, was established in 1996 and has a global presence as one of the world’s lading track and trace companies. Vehicles in 75 countries and over 6 continents are fitted with MiX Telematics products and there are a number of solutions from the simple track and trace product to extensive vehicle tracking and fleet management suites. With offices in South Africa, Germany, and the UK, MiX Telematics already services some of the largest commercial companies including Chevron, Greyhound, and Scania. Visit www.mixtelematics.co.uk for more information on their range of products.


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