Portsmouth, United Kingdom (18th May, 2012) – Douglas Stafford, a leading provider of performance improvement services, including mystery shopping and customer satisfaction surveys, conduct mystery shops on car manufacturer Renault’s latest range of electric vehicles.

As Renault gears up for a majorpush into electric vehicles, Douglas Stafford has just completed a pilot wave of mystery shops for the company’s first electric van. In partnership with Nissan, Renault is committed to being the leading manufacturer of electric vehicles. In addition to the Kangoo Van Z.E, Renault is launching three other electric vehicles this year. Fluence Z.E, a family saloon became available in March, and the Twizy quadricycle, which was launched in April, will be followed by the Zoe superminiin Q4.

“The purpose of the Kangoo Van Z.E. mystery shops was to see how our initial 22 Z.E. Expert dealerships performed against requirements for a typical sales process,” says Matt Annandale, Network Programmes Manager at Renault UK.

“A customer looking to buy an electric vehicle will have specific questions, about things like range and charging, that wouldn’t normally arise. We need to test our dealer network’s ability to guide customers correctly and make sure they get a vehicle that is right for them or their business.

“I’m very encouraged not just with the way our dealers have performed but also with the way that Douglas Stafford carried out the shops. We’re incredibly pleased with their level of service and the care and attention to detail that was taken when devising this particular programme.”

Douglas Stafford’s Project Operations Manager Rohan Tailor commeted: “It’s great to be working with Renault on this innovative and exciting new range of vehicles. Devising a mystery shopping programme for the Kangoo Van Z.E. was different from any programme we’ve done before.

“We had to find very specific types of mystery shoppers as on the whole the electric van is aimed at small-business customers and therefore we needed shoppers who had the appropriate profile for this type of purchase.”

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