Global Wine Investments Continue to Grow

England 23/05/2012- Global Wine Investments customer service philosophy continues to drive their business forward

Global Wine Investments is based in the City of London. Although the firm was only established in 2007, the bespoke service they offer means that they already have a long and illustrious list of clients. They currently have over £4 million of their clients money invested, mostly, in First Growths, En Primer and other fine wines from the Bordeaux region of France.

Despite being a relatively new business, the team has plenty of experience of investing in conventional markets. The founders of the company saw the financial storm coming and decided to diversify into wine before it was too late. Many of their clients saw the wisdom of this approach and invested immediately. Returns on their first wave of wines were excellent and outperformed those investments they had previously been managing in conventional investment markets. Since 2007, the average returns on their wine investments have been 18.5% per year.

Over the past couple of years, they have aimed to grow their customer base and have changed their approach to attract a broader spectrum of clients. They want to encourage private investors to buy wine in the way that many finance houses and pension funds have been doing for several decades.

Global Wine Investments offer a flexible service

The team has worked hard to put together marketing material that explains to the layman how easy it is to invest in wine. They offer a free wine investment guide to anyone who visits them or their website, and provide industry news on their website to help people understand the industry. This has educated many consumers about the benefits of investing in wine and encouraged some of them to dip their toe in the water.

However, it is Global Wine Investments flexible approach, which has really won over clients. They are happy to help clients to buy wine, store it for them and sell it on their behalf. However, if the client just wants help to find and buy wine that is fine too. They do not try to force clients to buy services from them that they do not really want or need.


Global Wine Investments

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