Heightsafe Systems Warn of Fall Arrest System Re-testing Urgency

Cheshire, United Kingdom (12 January 2011)Heightsafe Systems, a UK-based provider of fall arrest and prevention safety systems, reveal the urgency for organisations with employees working at height to re-test their Fall Arrest systems following the recent bad weather conditions.

A recent roof inspection at one of England’s University Hospitals during the UK’s most severe weather conditions since winter 1962-1963 has revealed that the anchorage systems located on top of the roof areas had become notably fractured and had deployed; rendering them useless and unsafe to use.

This has been attributed to the heavy snowfall which is presumed to have engulfed the roof, and put the anchorage points under an excessively heavy load of 3 kN; thereby resulting in deployment. This had not been identified on other installations at the site, thus supporting the conclusion that it was in fact snow and ice that had caused the damage.

“The stability of anchorage systems has been compromised due to the snow and ice which has swamped roofs across the country. It is for this reason that we are urging those with fall arrest security responsibilities concerning anchors, edge protection guardrails and eyebolts to contact a specialist organisation like ourselves to inspect the state of their current system, and tend to any damaged areas as soon as possible.” commented a spokesperson for Heightsafe Systems. “We can carry out thorough examinations and tests to ensure optimal performance should your anchorage systems need to be used – all in accordance with BS 7883:2005. We can also advise you on how to ensure that anyone using the systems is able to identify any areas of deterioration, in case the bad weather should return, to keep your all-important fall arrest systems in optimal working order.”

For more information on Heightsafe Systems’ fall arrest and protection equipment, please visit http://www.heightsafesystems.co.uk/ or phone 0845 604 6890.

About Heightsafe Systems:

Heightsafe Systems specialise in retailing fall protection systems and equipment designed to optimise safety for people working at heights. All equipment complies fully with health and safety legislation; including comprehensive roof safety, height safety, edge protection and fall protection equipment. Heightsafe Systems offer full design, installation and maintenance of fall arrest and protection systems with a 25-year guarantee on performance and corrosion resistance on all products.


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