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Google Analytics training

England – 20/12/2012 – Many online marketers can learn how to effectively use the most widely used website statistics service thanks to Google Analytics training courses from ‘vantage Limited’.

Given that Google Analytics is the most widely used website statistics service, it is very highly regarded by many people who seek to learn detailed statistics about the visits to particular websites. Indeed, it is primarily aimed at, and often used by, online marketers who then use the data that they amass to judge how they can better promote particular websites. However, there is much for anyone to learn about using Google Analytics before they can start using it effectively, which is why the Google Analytics training courses available from the UK search marketing agency ‘ivantage Limited’ can be so valuable to many UK firms seeking to better promote their websites.

Indeed, for both novices and seasoned veterans in online marketing, the introductory and advanced Google Analytics training seminars available from ‘ivantage Limited’ can assist them in understanding and fluently interpreting Google Analytics reports, identifying and focusing on reports that are relevant to their businesses and roles and taking action to improve their websites’ marketing and commercial performances and their Google Analytics implementations.

Effective and authorised Google Analytics training courses

These Google Analytics training courses are very much “hands-on”; each of the attendees uses their own Google Analytics account and their own data when completing exercises under the direction of an experienced instructor. The seminar leader, more information about whom is included on the ‘ivantage Limited’ website, presents material using PowerPoint and engages students with relevant theory, practical examples and exercises to reinforce key concepts.

An ‘ivantage Limited’ spokesperson stated: “Our Google Analytics training courses are far from just any Google Analytics training courses. In fact, they are authorised from Google’s own Seminars for Success series of Google Analytics training courses, which ensures that they reach a quality standard that would make even Google themselves proud. Furthermore, for UK companies that would prefer them, we run private, on-site Google Analytics training courses virtually every week.”

The popularity of the Google Analytics training courses available from ‘ivantage Limited’ could increase over subsequent years should more and more UK companies recognise how they could use the World Wide Web (WWW) to look for good providers of Google Analytics training courses.

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