Homeowners Reduce Energy Spend With Modern Cavity Wall Insulation

Derbyshire, UK June 20th 2012 – With energy prices continuing to escalate and a greater emphasis being placed on reducing the size of their carbon footprint, homeowners continue to look for ways in which they can improve their own home energy efficiency. Reducing the amount of heat that is lost through the windows, roof, and walls is one such method. With modern cavity wall insulation it is possible to reduce energy consumption, lower energy spend, and minimise the impact that a house has on the environment.

Cavity wall insulation can be used in virtually any property that has cavity walls and has not yet had insulation installed. If walls are in particularly poor condition or the house is made with solid walls then this may not be an option but this typically only accounts for a small number of properties. Many homes built since the early 20th century use cavity walls. In fact, those built within the last 10 to 20 years have cavity wall insulation too.

As much as 30% of a home’s heating bills can be attributed to heat that is lost through uninsulated walls and this is why the government and various agencies and energy consumer groups encourage homeowners to have their properties fully and properly insulated. It is still possible to insulate solid walls but it is quicker and easier if the walls offer a cavity where insulation products can be placed.

YBSInsulation.com provides a wide range of insulation products to fitters and installation services. This includes a selection of cavity wall insulation products as well as items for insulating the loft or roof. From roof underlay to rolls of itch free loft insulation, installers can find the items that they need to complete the best quality work for their clients.


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