How Can You Make Small Weddings Memorable?

The pandemic has taught us many things. Among them, the importance of sanitization, the need for a healthy lifestyle, and increased immunity are most likely the silver lining. There is one more thing that the pandemic has taught us, i.e., to make weddings intimate. The gathering of near and dear ones that can range from 50-100 guests for your special day also became a reality during a crisis.

When you shrink down the event by making it more intimate and cozy, you don’t only save a lot of money being spent haphazardly, but you can add many things to make the wedding an everlasting memory in the minds of the guests. Even if the guest list decreases, it doesn’t mean the wedding needs to be mediocre. For instance, Essex Wedding Venue specializes in hosting intimate weddings.

Now that the basics of hosting a small wedding are sorted, let’s look at making intimate weddings memorable.

Sending Out A Handwritten Invitation

When the guest list is minimal, it becomes significantly seamless to send out handwritten invitations. If you have great handwriting, you can write something meaningful for your guests or hire a professional calligrapher. By the looks of it, hand-lettering will make the guests feel special as compared to printed ones.

Opt For Creative Seating Arrangements

Even smaller weddings can look houseful in a significantly massive venue. Getting enormously creative with the ceremony and the seating arrangement during the reception can make the wedding lucrative. Moreover, creating an enormous space that feels intimate could be pretty challenging.

You can opt-out to add creative bars, lounges, and food stations. Moreover, you can also add an extra-large table to fill up the space and make the venue esthetically beautiful. Mix and match will result in a great-looking setting, exceeding everybody’s expectations.

Gift As A Token Of Appreciation

The gift can either be a welcome box or a parting gift. During a celebration that can last a weekend or even an evening party, providing assistance would add a personalized touch during the wedding. You can either gift what you love or what your partner loves or gift local stuff that the guest might not have come across before.

Hire A Coordinator

Essex Wedding Venue day planners aren’t confined to massive weddings. Hiring one only for a single day will ensure the flow of the day is maintained properly. Moreover, you can have a great time while not having to worry about the alcohol running out.

Choose A Detailed Menu

When the guest list or the crowd isn’t huge, you can make room for a detailed menu. You can choose from an elaborate buffet or a seven-course meal packed with fine wine—a personalized and detailed menu.

Final Words

Adding memorable, small, simple touches will make the wedding more intimate. When you already have a lot of budgets to spend, you can make the wedding as lavish as possible.

Rebecca Wheeler

Rebecca Wheeler