Hydroponics Lighting Becomes More Sophisticated

England 14/07/2012- Hydroponics lighting is the most critical component of a hydroponics system

There are many kinds of hydroponics lighting available, and without such lighting growing plants hydroponically simply would not be possible. The vast majority of plants which are grown without soil are quite naturally grown indoors. This means that there is often not sufficient natural light available to allow the plant to grow healthily. Therefore, hydroponics lighting is necessary, in most cases. How quickly the plant will grow how large it will become and how well it does is directly related to the amount and quality of light that it gets.

Today, these lighting systems are far more sophisticated than they once were. Nowadays, there are three main types of bulb used in this kind of light, which are Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium (HPS), and Fluorescent. Which is right is largely dependent on what is being grown and the conditions in which they are being grown. These lights not only give out light they also give off a certain degree of heat. Fluorescent lights are typically used to start off seedlings because they give out a lower level of light and far less heat.

Metal Halide gives off a green, blue or violet light which is much closer to natural light. As a result, this is the best replacement for natural light. Most hydroponic growers use this kind of light when a plant is in its vegetative stage when is putting on adult leaves and getting ready to fruit. HPS light isbest for the plant when it is at its fruiting stage.

Typically, to be successful and growing hydroponically an array of hydroponic lighting is needed.

The public are buying more hydroponics lighting

In the past hydroponics was something which was only really carried out commercially. Today, increasingly private individuals are becoming interested in growing their own food hydroponically. As a result of this hydroponics lightingsales to members of the public are steadily increasing. The majority of people are buying their hydroponics lighting from hobby websites such as Hydro Hobby, who incidentally also sell their products to commercial growers.


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