England – 10/01/2012Quality bed linen is once again selling well

Despite the recession, sales of quality bed linen have continued to rise. There are several reasons for this. The key reason is that it represents good value for money. People have given up buying cheap linen using it a dozen times and throwing it away. Instead, they are buying carefully and investing their money in good quality linen.

There was a blip in the trend a couple of years ago when the price of cotton soared, but prices have leveled off a bit and now quality bed linen is within the reach of many householders.

The other thing that is happening is that consumers are looking for little ways to treat themselves. They are spending far more time in their homes, than they once did, so are spending a little more on home decor. Buying quality products brings a touch of luxury into their day-to-day lives, as well as being economical in the long term.

Even those consumers on a high income have ratcheted things up a bit and are going out and spending money on household furnishings. For them it is the fact that there is no longer any point in keeping their money in the bank. Extremely low interest rates mean that you may as well as spend your money rather than try to save it.

More suppliers are stocking quality bed linen

In response to this new, demand more retailers are including quality bed linen in their product range. They are still serving the bottom end of the market with cheap bed linen, but are no longer overlooking those customers who want to spend a little more.

Retailers like Bespoke Home have always served the top end of the market and have a policy of only stocking top of the range linen. This strategy is now paying dividends, and they are seeing a rise in first time customers. Quality bed linen is set to be a feature in more and more of the UK’s bedrooms. Even sales of linen for single beds has risen as people buy this high quality linen for their children’s rooms or for guest rooms.


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