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England 15/07/2012 – Sales of door canopies from YBS Composites gradually strengthen

Experienced contractors and builders know that buying door canopies from YBS Composites saves both time and money. In addition, they also end up with very happy customers. Many builders buy a wide array of products from YBS Composites. Over the decades that YBS have been in business, they have built up strong working relationships with their customers.

YBS is one of those firms that make products most people do not even notice. They take glass-reinforced plastic, which is also known as fibreglass, the mould it into a huge array of different building materials. The builder’s components they offer are especially useful.

For a builder to build door canopies takes a surprising amount of time, effort and skill. Those tiny porch roofs that you see over the top of most front doors are actually quite complex to build. It needs carpentry and roofing skills to make one that looks attractive and does the job. The carpentry skills are needed to build the rafters and the roofing skills to put the felt and tiles on and ensure that is attached the building properly.

However, the door canopies that YBS Composites make look exactly like the real thing. Glass reinforced plastic is used to replicate both the wooden and tile components of the door canopy. The product that they come up with is exceptionally light and can be installed within just an hour or so. This saves the builder a huge amount of time and hassle. Yet, the customers are also happy because these door canopies look fantastic and stay that way with no maintenance for decades.

Door canopies from YBS Composites continue to evolve

YBS Composites make a wide variety of other building components in the same way. One of their other popular lines is GRP chimneys. YBS Composites are very careful not to stand still. When any design of door canopy emerges, they are very quick to make a mould and produce their own version of it. However, they also very careful to keep the moulds for older designs and continue to produce them, even in small numbers. They know that building fashions tend to cycle and that eventually these more traditional door canopies will once again become popular.


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