Interest in Furniture Rental at Emblem Furniture Continues to Grow

England 15/07/2012- Interest in furniture rental at Emblem Furniture is now coming from private individuals as well as the business sector

Over the years, furniture rental at Emblem Furniture has changed considerably. The firm started in 1977 offering specialist antique pieces of furniture for hire to their customers. However, they soon realised that to grow their business they had to diversify. Therefore, they actively when out and sought out new customer bases.

They soon realised that the business sector was the main area to focus on. As a result, they bought furniture which was suitable for furnishing offices and reception areas. They stayed at the top end of the market to begin with. Rightly realising that businesses could afford to buy cheap furniture, but when they wanted to make a good impression they needed to buy high end furniture. In many cases, businesses balked at making such a heavy investment in something like furnishings. Therefore, Emblem Furniture was able to fill the gap by offering good quality furnishings to lease.

In the past decade or so, they branched out again into providing furnishings for property developers and the rental market. To do so they have to change their approach slightly and even began to provide things like kitchenware and linen. Being based in London meant that there was a huge market for them. At the same time, they became more deeply involved in dressing show homes and home staging.

Furniture rental at Emblem Furniture and the private sector

It was at this point that the make up of Emblem Furniture’s customer base began to once again evolve. Slowly but surely they began to deal with more private individuals. Many of these private individuals owned a single rental property that they wanted to dress properly. Homeowners who realised that the reason they were having difficulty selling their home was that the furniture was outmoded were another new market sector.

These people wanted to hire furniture from Emblem on a short-term basis in order to dress their property for sale. Rather than see this as a small and unimportant niche Emblem Furniture decided to respond to and embrace this new demand and came up with more flexible and short-term rental contracts to feed this new and emerging market. Today, they have an eclectic mix of business customer and private individuals.


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