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England 17/08/2012- Optipro are helping some of the UK’s biggest firms to reduce their electric bills

Optipro are part of the Slater Group who have been providing the UK’s business community with reliable electricity solutions since 1946. As a result, Optipro have an almost unique overview of how the way in which companies view and use power has changed over the years.

For decades, all most companies wanted from their power systems was reliability. However, in the past 10 years things have started to change.

Today, most UK companies want their electricity systems to offer them flexibility and as much control as possible over consumption. As a result, the electrical engineering industry has had to change what they offer and come up with new components and installation techniques to meet this new demand.

Established companies, like Optipro, have been at the forefront of these changes. Today, they offer their customers several power management options. Better control of power can lead to considerable cost savings, so it is no surprise that in the current economic climate more UK firms have approached Optipro for help.

The Optipro approach

In most cases, Optipro are able to save firms a considerable amount of money and provide them with more reliable and safer power. They offer voltage control systems that can reduce the risk of power surges, which cuts down on the risk of expensive machinery being damaged by power fluctuations. However, what interests most firms is the money they can save on their electric bills by upgrading their voltage control components.

Optipro always follow a three-step system to ensure that the customer understands how much the installation will cost and exactly how much they could save. They offer their customers accurate information to determine how quickly they can recoup their costs.

An customers can read up about the companies three R’s approach. Step one of the processes is proper Reconnaissance to establish exactly what needs to be done and how it should be done, which produces an accurate installation quote. The next step is Realism, Optipro are always realistic about what can be done and how much can be saved. Lastly, proper Research to ensure that every customer gets the best technology for them and that it will be reliable as well as save them money.


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