ISC Medical Comment on Impact of NHS Reforms on Doctor Training

London, United Kingdom (03 May 2011) – One of the country’s leading providers of medical interviews and interview skills consultancy services, ISC Medical, comments on how the NHS reforms will have a significant impact on the amount of teaching and training doctors receive in the workplace.

The current NHS reforms place an emphasis on quality and efficiency, and are set to give a more prominent and administrative role to the private sector. Whilst focussing on quality and efficiency is laudable in any enterprise, including the NHS, ISC Medical believes that this means employers will want to encourage their staff to work in tariff-earning activities at the expense of perhaps less lucrative teaching activities.

The medical interview skills consultancy adds that the introduction of the private sector taking on the simpler activities will also mean that some opportunities for training will disappear from hospitals, and trainees may have to train in many different locations.

“When doctors are asked about the future of training in the NHS, their knee jerk reaction is to blame their woes on the European Working Time Directive,” says Olivier Picard, Managing Director of ISC Medical, who coach thousands of doctors every year for medical interviews and Teach the Teachers courses.

“In reality, the current proposed changes are likely to have a much more profound and irreversible impact on training. Indeed, we have already seen many Trusts get rid of their Registrars and employ consultants on Registrar rotas instead.

“The future of training is currently being silently debated in this respect, and options range from commissioning trusts separately for training, all the way to adapting the American system of insisting that each Trust should train its own doctors.”

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