Latest New Build Property Details Available On What House Website

London, UK June 29th 2012 – The What House website is an online portal that connects prospective property buyers with developers. Developers are able to add details of their latest projects so that prospective buyers can search for new build homes in their location, judge the merits of those properties, and then find contact details for the vendor or developer in question. The developer enjoys the benefit of greater exposure while prospective buyers can access details of some of the latest projects without having to search for them individually.

It is possible to search according to location. Buyers that are considering a move away will find it especially difficult to locate details of all the new build developments in an area. Even living locally means scouring local newspapers, property magazines, and estate agent windows and shelves. By enabling buyers to search online via a single, convenient portal, the website negates the need for this manual search technique.

It is possible for prospective buyers to search according to the number of bedrooms they require and according to their minimum and maximum budget. Again, this is a beneficial way that buyers can enjoy access to details of the properties that suit them best. It is possible to look at details of the developments too, which will include the styles of property available along with prices and even contact details to communicate with the developer.

What House is an online directory of new developments across the UK. Prospective house buyers can search the directory according to a number of criteria in order to access some of the latest and most appropriate homes in the area they are interested in. They also run an awards scheme to highlight some of the best in the new build development industry.


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