Get the Direct Connect EDF Energy Phone Number from Speedy Call

23/06/2012- Customers shouldn’t waste time hanging on the phone when they can use the EDF Energy phone number from Speedy Call to save time and money.

EDF Energy customers that need to get in touch with their customer service departments for whatever reason should definitely think about using the EDF Energy phone number from Speedy Call to make their connections.

By doing so, they could save a huge amount of time and even some money. This is possible because the EDF Energy phone number provided by Speedy Call will be immediately available to them without the need to spend huge amounts of time searching their website for the correct number. They may even be connected directly to the person they need, meaning that they can save money too.

For a small flat rate of 10p per minute the EDF Energy phone number from Speedy Call will ensure that a call to EDF Energy is put straight through without the effort of searching for the correct number. This means that customers can have their queries or problems dealt with as quickly as possible, allowing them to get back to more important stuff.

About Speedy Call:
Speedy Call is a telephone redirection service which gives customers the option of connecting to the customer service departments of companies they use much more quickly by instantly providing them with the number they need.

They maintain a large directory of numbers for the most popular companies in the UK, which are very easy to find, so their customers can save time and money by connecting them straight to the company whose help they require. Many of the numbers available at Speedy Call will put their customers straight thorough to customer services, so they can save time and money on their calls too.

They charge a flat rate of 10p per minute for their services which connect through a 0871 number, although mobile charges may be more expensive.

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