Loft Conversions From Bespoke Lofts Proving Popular

England 04/09/2012- Demand for Loft conversions from Bespoke Lofts remains steady

Every month dozens of people are showing and interest in loft conversions from Bespoke Lofts. In many cases they are just investigating the possibility, however, a surprising number are deciding to actually have the work done. They are often pleasantly surprised to find that the cost of a loft conversion is far lower than they had expected. Plus, the returns are far higher.

The higher the cost of housing in the area the more financial sense a loft conversion makes. A recent report from the Guardian showed that in London if a loft conversion costs you £10,000 you could expect a return of 100%+ in terms of the value added to the home. If the loft conversion adds an extra bedroom and bathroom returns in the London area averaged 23% additional value. These figures are surprising many people, and is even making people who are considering selling their homes think. A few are even converting the loft prior to putting it on the market. They figure if they do not manage to sell their home at least they will have extra space to live in, so really cannot lose. When the gamble pays off and they sell their home, they make more of a profit. In some cases a considerable one, enough to pay for the re-decoration of their next home.

Even the potential of a loft conversion can sell a home

Estate agents are well aware of the value of loft space that could be converted. The best ones keep an eye on how much a conversion costs for each kind of home in their area. When they take clients to see these properties, they discuss the potential for the loft conversion and the cost. This helps sell homes with the right kind of un-occupied loft space because people can see the potential and are more likely to buy as a result. In some cases, they even buy a home that is smaller than they were originally looking for because they know they can convert the loft. Bespoke Lofts and other conversion firms are benefiting greatly because others are effectively doing some of their marketing for them by educating consumers about the benefits of and cost of loft conversions.


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