Claimsworth Comments as Oxford Street Hoardings Collapse

United Kingdom (4th April, 2012) – Claimsworth, one of the UK’s leading personal injury solicitors, comment after an advertising hoarding on London’s Oxford Street collapsed on March 7th 2012.

Three women and a man were sent to hospital following the incident in the afternoon when the board, displaying a Mango advert with a picture of supermodel Kate Moss, came down.

Fortunately, no-one suffered life-threatening injuries in the incident and it is thought those hurt in the collapse suffered minor injuries, while one victim also was left with a suspected back injury.  A Scotland Yard spokesman said those injured included a man in his early 60s, a woman in her mid-40s and a 23-year-old woman.

Claimsworth have specialist public liability lawyers who have vast experience in acting for victims who have suffered serious injury or illness as a result of accidents in public places.

A spokesperson for Claimsworth commented: “Health and safety gets a bad press these days from politicians and insurers, who seek to diminish the seriousness of anything considered to be only a minor injury.

“We at Claimsworth believe strongly that it is vital for those who are injured in these incidents to receive the just compensation they are entitled to. This will emphasise to employers that they must take steps to ensure a safe environment for workers and passersby who may be injured by neglected maintenance and safety issues.

“By making a claim when you are injured, you not only ensure you get what you are entitled to, but make it less likely that others in future may suffer as you have done.”

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About Claimsworth:

Claimsworth are a leading personal injury solicitor that can represent their clients on a no-win no-fee basis. Whether a client has suffered an accident at work, road traffic accident or a slip, trip or fall, Claimsworth can offer 100% of their compensation and will not charge a fee if a claim is unsuccessful.
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