Aardvark Parking Goes The Extra Mile

England 12/04/2012 – Aardvark Parking have updated the service to provide the most comprehensive parking service at Gatwick Airport

Aardvark parking is one of the most well known parking services at Gatwick Airport. There have been operating in the Airport for many years now and have many loyal customers who have returned to them year after year. By far the most popular service is their meet and greet service. Virtually all of their customers use this service.

Unlike some of the companies at the Airport their meet and greet service is kerbside to kerbside. Whilst it is true that when you arrive at the Airport you have to meet them outside of the terminal itself when you arrive home from your holiday you are picked up from a terminal itself. For many people this is an important distinction between the services that other companies. Being picked up outside the terminal means that when you arrive tired from travelling you do not have to walk to the pickup point to get your car. It is far less stressful as a result.

Over the years, Aardvark has developed their service and believe that they provide most rounded service available. Whilst many other car Parks offer a valeting service, Aardvark once again goes a step further and offers a full detail cleaning service as well.

Other Aardvark parking services

Perhaps one of the other differences is that Aardvark will get your car serviced for you whilst you are away. They do not dictate to their customers which garage they use and do not take a cut from the garage for bringing them a customer. They just request that you arrange your servicing with a franchised dealer within a certain distance of their parking facilities.

Gatwick Parking Discounts has noticed that Aardvark’s parking service is growing in popular. Every year thousands of people book their parking via their website because of the huge discounts they have on offer. Year after year Aardvark are getting a higher percentage of their overall business as word spreads about just how good their parking service is.


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