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[29/05/2012] – The Van Warehouse can offer one of the very best van hire and contract leasing services in the UK.  With a vast range of small, medium and large vans available you can pick and choose the perfect fleet for your business.  From the excellent small Ford Fiesta Diesel 1.4 Tdci 70 Van through to large 3.5 jumbo vans The Van Warehouse is your one-stop shop for van leasing and contract hire.

Why Choose Van Leasing?

Van leasing can be a very cost effective choice for businesses.  This can be an affordable way to get the vans required to keep your business on the move.  Buying new vehicles outright can place a huge strain on your business cash flow.  In these unstable economic times it makes sense to choose van leasing options and spread your costs out over manageable monthly repayments.

  • With The Van Warehouse businesses can benefit from some impressive discounts and some of the very best rates on the market.
  • This means you can get access to the vans you want for your business from small economical options like the Ford Fiesta Diesel 1.4 Tdci 70 Van through to practical large vans like the Vauxhall Movano 35 L3 Diesel.
  • At The Van Warehouse you can benefit from flexible options like the option of low or high initial deposits, choice of repayment schedules and more.
  • This enables businesses to pick the financing package the best suits their budget and financial circumstances.
  • With finance leasing and hire purchase there are no mileage restrictions.  This is a practical choice for businesses that do cover high mileage each year and helps to avoid any excess mileage charges.
  • At the end of the contract hire period businesses will have the option to buy the vehicle or trade it in against a different model.
  • Contracts can also be extended by up to 12 months to provide even more flexibility for business financing.


The Van Warehouse can offer one of the most flexible and affordable online van leasing and contract hire services in the UK.  Businesses will be able to get fast access to some of the very best discounts rates currently available.    This leading online financing and contract leasing broker is backed by an excellent customer service structure and supported by some of the top finance and contract hire companies in the UK.

At The Van Warehouse businesses can benefit from first class services including accident management, maintenance, servicing and more.  This helps to ensure your fleet stays on the road and on the move.


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