LRS UK Supplies Castle Precision Engineering (Glasgow) with Paging Solutions

Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom (8th March 2013) – Long Range Systems (LRS), a leading specialist supplier of on-site paging solutions, has supplied Castle Precision Engineering (Glasgow) with health and safety and emergency paging solutions.

Following discussions about health and safety, LRS UK recommended their health and safety paging systems to help save lives in the working environment.

The one-button waterproof device operates on the UK UHF frequency, as opposed to VHF, to give a more high-powered signal to more easily penetrate walls and ceilings without interfering with wireless equipment. Due to its wireless capabilities and compact size, the health and safety transmitters can be placed on any surface, mounted on a wall or under a desk for maximum coverage. Customized messages can be pre-programmed into the device, increasing the level of health and safety for employees working in dangerous environments by providing immediate, specific assistance. The transmitter re-page feature sends multiple messages to the pager until a first aid or health and safety officer clears the request, ensuring that emergency calls are responded to immediately.

Castle Precision Engineering (Glasgow) produces various engineering components and is known to be developing what is thought to be the fastest car in the world.

A spokesperson for LRS UK said: “We are delighted that Castle Precision Engineering has chosen LRS UK as their supplier for health and safety paging solutions. Like LRS UK, they are a very forward-thinking company, which is shown by their role in developing the fastest car in the world. If our paging products help to ensure the safety of their employees then we’ll be immensely satisfied. Castle Precision Engineering is a major name in the engineering industry and shows we are able to provide first-class products to big businesses.”

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About LRS:

Long Range Systems (LRS) provides more pagers worldwide than any other business, and stocks a range in excess of 35 products designed to assist restaurants, hospitals, nurseries, health clubs, retailers, offices, warehouses, and various other public and private sector organizations. LRS has over 20 offices around the world, and offers UK customers up to 10 years of warranty on manufacturing defects; longer than any other paging manufacturer worldwide.


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