England 14/11/2012 – More and more engineering apprenticeships are being taken up by girls

In the UK, engineering apprenticeships are growing in popularity. More and more young people are waking up to the fact that the world is in dire need of more engineers. They are gradually understanding that a good engineering qualification can keep you employed for life. Not only that, most engineering work is well paid, so it is an industry that affords its workers a good standard of living.

All kinds of sectors need good engineers. Engineering is not just about building bridges and other physical structures.

Practically all industries need engineers. The classic example is the mining and gas industries. As well as building mines and drilling platforms, engineers are needed to design the machinery used in the extraction process and to landscape the actual mines and drilling sites. Chemical engineers are also in great demand. Finding new ways of combining materials to solve life’s problems is very much an ongoing process.

Traditionally, most engineering jobs went to men. This was not because women could not do the jobs. It was simply because not many women thought of engineering as a career, so very few applied to study engineering or signed up for apprenticeships. However, in the past 20 years or so this has changed. An increasing percentage of engineer trainees are now women.

Engineering apprenticeships from girls allowed

In fact, the industry is extremely keen to attract more women into engineering roles. Many firms believe that having a mixed workforce strengthens their team. It means that the team is comprised of people who look at things from several different points of view and come up with more innovative ideas as a direct result.

Specific initiatives to encourage even more girls to take up engineering apprenticeships have been launched. One such example is the Girls Allowed scheme, which was set up by and is run by Essex county council. They are working with colleges and employees to set up engineering apprenticeships aimed specifically at girl. Take up has been good with many girls liking the fact engineering offers a variety of roles as well as the chance to work all over the world.


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