Quantum-Treated Hi-Fi Tuning Fuses Available Now from The Cable Company

Cable Company

Pennsylvania, USA (13th March 2013) – The Cable Company, a leading retailer of specialty audio cables, recently launched a selection of quantum-treated fuses manufactured by industry brand Hi-Fi Tuning.

A selection of fuses from Hi-Fi Tuning’s Supreme range is now in-stock on The Cable Company’s website; available in sizes Small (20mm/.75) and Large (6.3x32mm), and either Slow or Fast Blow.

The new line of Supreme fuses is made tip-to-tip exclusively of 99% silver impregnated with 1% gold. This melt wire is resonance-optimized and the fuses are housed in a black ceramic case, which is also optimized to control vibration.

These custom precious-metal fuses are also cryogenically treated using Europe’s only cryo system from Cryogenics International, and, to finish, are treated with a proprietary quantum-level process.

A spokesperson for The Cable Company commented: “The combination of 99% silver and 1% gold is undoubtedly what makes Supreme fuses so conducive.

“The deformities and resulting surface distortion caused by the drawing and cooling processes for silver wire are repaired with the addition of gold, which fills the micro-cracks and empty spaces between the crystal boundaries to improve transmission properties.

“The end result is an incredibly conductive fuse, now available in various sizes and specifications on our website.

“We hope to continue our strong partnership with Hi-Fi Tuning and provide more of their innovative products to our customers in the future.”

For more information on The Cable Company’s range of audio fuses, or any other audio cables and components, please visit their website at http://www.thecableco.com.

About The Cable Company:

Since 1989 The Cable Company has been a world-leading retailer of specialty audio cables, with a specialty in providing high-level expertise on all aspects of high-performance audio. The audio specialist offers US-based customers a wide range of cables, powerline products, and resonance control products for in-home evaluation through their exclusive Library service, offering home trials on over 60 brands of cables.

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