England 04/09/2012- Every week thousands in the UK use the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency phone number

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency phone number is well used. This is not surprising when you consider how many things the DVLA is responsible for. They take care of anything related to licensing or taxing a vehicle on UK roads. This means that they are responsible for administering all paperwork relating to all private vehicles, buses, lorries, motorbikes and vans

Every time a vehicle is bought or sold the DVLA is involved issuing a new logbook and updating the database MOT stations, insurance companies and the Police use. In addition, they issue new logbooks when one is lost or stolen. If a vehicle is taken off the road, they issue SORN notices. When a vehicle is written off as a category A, B or C they update the database to reflect this. Doing so helps to prevent the practice of vehicle ringing and ensures that all vehicles that can be repaired and returned to the road undergo a VIC check.

The DVLA also deals with all drivers’ licences. They issue new ones; update the details when people qualify to drive new classes of vehicles or when they get points on their licence as a result of traffic offences. The DVLA is also responsible for withdrawing licences when people can no longer drive due to illness or accruing too many points.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency phone number is used by people buying vehicles

Increasingly, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) are being contacted by people considering buying a vehicle. People are carrying more checks on the vehicles they are considering buying. Using the data the DVLA holds it is possible to tell a great deal about a vehicle and spot signs that it has been stolen, ringed or is a write off. The DVLA also help people to determine how much it would cost to run the car they are considering buying by providing details of how much it costs to tax it.

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