NEOM Urges Women to Reduce their Chemical Count

Harrogate, UK, (12th January, 2012) – NEOM, leading providers of luxury organic beauty products and relaxation treatments, have begun the new year by urging women to reduce the amount of chemicals they put on their skin each day .

NEOM recently conducted a poll of 100 women, and discovered that 95% do not recognise a single ingredient listed on the back of their regular beauty products, indicating their buying decisions are based on the fundamental trust they place in the industry and the claims leading manufacturers make. As current legislation stands, there is nothing to force EU cosmetics manufacturers to test products for long-term use, or to investigate their effect on people when used with other chemical formulations.

To help illustrate their advice, NEOM referred to research discussed in Dawn Mellowship’s Toxic Beauty (Octopus, 2009), which found that up to 60% of chemicals in cosmetics and other products are absorbed into the skin and bloodstream, with health problems connected to synthetic chemical absorption – such as cancer and kidney damage – on the rise. NEOM advises people to begin using organic beauty products, candles and home fragrances whenever they can to enjoy the benefits of all-natural ingredients. However, they acknowledge that it may take time for people to make the change from their usual products to organic alternatives.

“We call ourselves ‘pale-greens’ here at NEOM. We try to be as green as possible but don’t get it right 100% of the time,” said NEOM founder Nicola Elliott. “So while we understand that you can’t live a completely chemical-free life, we want to offer everyday alternatives to help reduce your chemical count and that of your family, without sacrificing on luxury.”

For further reading on cosmetics, NEOM suggests the following sources:

1.     EWG – Environmental Working Group  (

2.     Campaign For Safe Cosmetics ( Articles 300 & 682

3.     The Facts About (

4.     Chemical Safe Skincare (

5.     David Suzuki Foundation (

6.     Colipa – The European Cosmetics Association (

7.     Toxic Beauty (

For more information on NEOM and their range of organic beauty and home products, visit their website at or call 0870 460 4677.

About NEOM:

NEOM specialises in creating organic luxury beauty and home products which work as treatments to help people feel more relaxed, more energised and happier overall. NEOM strongly opposes synthetic scents and harsh ingredients, with an aim to help women reduce their chemical count. Their products, including candles, home fragrance and natural beauty aids, have featured in various high-profile women’s magazines including Vogue, Glamour, Marie Claire, Elle and Easy Living.


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