New Health Screening Service Available at Pall Mall Medical

Lancashire, United Kingdom (1st May, 2012) – Pall Mall Medical, a private healthcare facility based in Manchester, is now offering various health screening services to clients.

Pall Mall Medical’s health screens allow clients to be screened for key indicators, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, within specific age groups; to ascertain how adjusting or maintaining a lifestyle could contribute to more refined general health. Pall Mall Medical’s screening service is designed to offer clients a comprehensive overview of their health by discussing and testing various hereditary and lifestyle factors, such as diet, exercise, and predispositions to certain illnesses.

The screens available include Alcohol Risk, Cardiac and Full Health Screen, Cardiac Arrest Assessment, Healthy Heart, Men’s Over-45 and Under-45 Health Screen Tests, and the Women’s Over-45 and Under-45 Health Screen Tests.

A spokesperson for Pall Mall Medical commented: “With the news highlighting many stories involving potential health concerns, even in athletes and otherwise perfectly healthy individuals, you may be thinking that now is the time to gain a more thorough insight into your own health.

“As part of our health screenings, we will check all of your vital medical statistics and consider your personal health history in order to give you the advice, and potentially the treatment that you need to maintain all-around good health.”

To book an appointment, call 0161 819 4332 or email Pall Mall Medical is open till 7pm on weeknights and is also open on Saturday.

About Pall Mall Medical:
We are run by experienced GPs and offer affordable private healthcare facilities with no waiting times, or only the most minimal of waiting times, plus modern facilities and friendly staff. Patients are guaranteed to see a qualified, experienced doctor at Pall Mall Medical’s consulting rooms in King Street, central Manchester. We also offer: private GP appointments from just £60; access to consultants across a wide range of specialties; and an extensive array of other services, including allergy testing, CT scans, 4D baby ultrasound scan and hypnotherapy.

Stephanie Byrom
Pall Mall Medical Ltd
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Wigan, Lancs, UK
Tel: 0161 819 4332


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