Steak Digital Emphasise the Need to for Integrated Marketing

England 14/05/2012 – Steak Digital encourage all of their clients to use a variety of marketing techniques to capture the maximum market share

Steak Digital was formed in 2005 to provide companies with much needed guidance on marketing themselves online. The founders of Steak had the advantage of having worked for one of Europe’s first search engines. This gave them valuable insider knowledge of how search engines really work and meant they were better equipped to follow and understand the evolution of the major search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing than virtually any other UK based marketing firm.

Not surprisingly, they were an almost immediate success. From the start, they gained awards for their innovative approach to marketing and for creating a fantastic working environment for their people. In total, they have won nine awards and been shortlisted or reached the final for many more.

From the start, Steak Digital encouraged their clients to use the full spectrum of online marketing techniques. They offered their clients PPC (paid search), SEO and social marketing services. However, they also realised that mobile search would also become critical, so included that in the suite of services they offer.

Putting together an integrated marketing campaign is critical to getting the most out of the cash companies invest in launching or re-launching products. Working with affiliates, using e-mail campaigns and PPC campaigns go hand in hand with raising awareness via press releases. Steak Digital knows how to ensure that wherever potential consumers look they will come across that new product. This along with good visual design raises brand awareness to the point where the brand being marketed is the first thing that pops into a consumer’s mind when a product is mentioned.

The future for Steak Digital and their clients

The fact that the search engines are now evolving so quickly means that the integrated approach Steak Digital takes is even more critical for success. Google alone makes between 500 and 600 changes to their search algorithms every year and the pace at which they are rolling out changes is continuing to speed up. An integrated approach ensures that if one marketing technique stops working as effectively all in not lost because the other techniques will still be generating sales.


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