The Prius Hybrid is the perfect vehicle for eco-friendly families and is available from William A Lewis

With global warming and its effects on the planet and its inhabitants increasingly featured in the media, people have become more aware of eco-friendly issues over recent years. From recycling to installing solar panels, British families are trying everything they can to lower their carbon footprint, but it’s not always that simple. However, the new Toyota Prius Hybrid has made being eco-friendly simple for people across the UK.

Great for the environment and family-friendly

Available from William A Lewis, the new Toyota Prius has a petrol engine working in harmony with an electric one to provide eco-friendly driving. This incredible feat of engineering saves energy when the car stops and then reuses it later on, so drivers are never using more energy than they absolutely need to. When the Prius is set to electric mode, virtually no emissions are created, so drivers can rest assured that they are doing their bit for the planet.

As if the new Toyota Prius needed to be any more attractive to buyers, it combines its eco-friendly features with stunning design and looks as well as a surprising amount of space, making it the perfect family vehicle. This fantastic new hybrid also has advanced in-car technology, such as touch-sensitive controls and multimedia systems, to make family driving a little bit less stressful.

Expertise and great value from William A Lewis

For customers, buying any vehicle from William A Lewis makes perfect sense; the family-run business understands what its customers want, and is committed to providing high-quality vehicles with high-quality advice and assistance. Having spent more than half a century building up a superb reputation and with helpful staff always on hand to help, it really is no surprise that William A Lewis is so popular among its customers. Moreover, with fantastic prices on the new Toyota Prius Hybrid, customers looking to invest in an eco-friendly family car are sure to be more than happy with the service they receive from William A Lewis.

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