England – 16/09/2011 – Office cleaning in London has had to change with the times.

If you think office cleaning in London is one of those industries that has stayed pretty much the same as it was when your granny used to do it you are very much mistaken. The office cleaning in London industry has undergone some massive changes, many of them in the past few years since the financial crisis began.

The financial crisis has led many firms in the capital to look seriously at every aspect of their business including how much they spend on services like cleaning. This has led many of them to cut back on their office cleaning some are even trying a system that gets staff to clean their own office space once a week.

The Challenges Ahead For Office Cleaning In London

Not only do office cleaning firms in London need to keep the clients they have they face other challenges. Currently, many of their staff are legal immigrants or international students. It is expected that in the next few years the number of immigrants who are allowed into the UK to work will be cut and less international students will be able to afford to study in the city. This means recruiting dependable staff that are willing to accept a relatively low rate of pay will become more difficult.

Much of the work the office cleaning London industry carries out is first clean work that takes place once new offices have been completed or after an office is fitted out. The building of new offices and refits is slowing down and this kind of work is expected to become even rarer than it is now.

The cost of transporting staff and equipment around the city is set to get even more expensive than it is now, so the office cleaning London industry is going to have to get even smarter logistics wise, than they are now. It is flexible, innovative firms like www.rdfgroup.co who are likely to survive the storm and even benefit from these new challenges. Their business is sufficiently diverse and they offer far more services than just office cleaning.


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