England – 12/8/2011One of the UK’s most popular property development firms, ‘Redrow’, have promised a diverse selection of new houses in attractive locations for budding British house buyers.

‘A change is as good as a rest’, so the saying goes, and it is something which many Britons appear to continue to take to heart. Moving from one property to another can have many attractions, including the opportunity to move to a more pleasant part of the country where decent educational and career opportunities are much more common. Problems can occur, however, when people make the decision to move into a pre-owned home. Such houses can often suffer from outdated infrastructure, including worryingly outdated security features.

However, for those people that are put off considering pre-owned homes because of such drawbacks, there remains the option of browsing the comprehensive roster of new houses on offer from reputable British property development company ‘Redrow’. Their well-designed website at http://www.redrow.co.uk makes all of this so easy, allowing their potential customers to enlighten themselves about the numerous plus points of brand new houses.

Great new houses from a great developer

These boons can include features like modern locks, fire resistant materials, fitted smoke alarms and double glazed windows, all of which come as standard with every one of the new houses sold by ‘Redrow’. Plus, research commissioned by the New Homes Marketing Board and carried out by National Energy Services has found that new houses are, on average, 40% more energy efficient than those built in about the year 2000. The research concluded that this could save owners of new houses as much as £556 annually on their energy bills.

A ‘Redrow’ spokesperson stated: “Though new houses can have so many benefits above pre-owned properties, we always endeavour to go the extra mile with the new houses that we offer. Every one of our new houses is protected by the NHBC Buildmark ten-year warranty, and we use only well-known brands when fitting the kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms of these new houses.”

The popularity of the World Wide Web (WWW) among Britons searching for reputable providers of new houses continues to grow, suggesting that ‘Redrow’, their website, and their generous nationwide selection of new houses could similarly continue to blossom in popularity throughout the approaching years.


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