People Insight Comments on Work Engagement Analysis Results

London, United Kingdom (15th May, 2012) – People Insight, a leading provider of employee engagement and employee survey services, reveal the findings of a recent study their company conducted which focussed on analysing the factors that most clearly drive engagement.

People Insight drew data across 300 client studies and millions of individual responses to pinpoint particular factors which contributed most strongly to driving employee engagement. The top ten most influential factors affecting employee engagement were:

  1. I get a sense of achievement from working at my company
  2. I enjoy my work
  3. In my job I have the chance to do what I do best
  4. I am proud of the work I do
  5. My last appraisal review meeting was useful in helping me improve how I do my job
  6. My job makes the best use of the skills and abilities that I have
  7. I believe action will be taken as a result of this survey
  8. I think the benefits I receive compare favourably with other employers in our industry
  9. My manager trusts me to do a good job
  10. I have the freedom I need to get on with my job.

A spokesperson for People Insight commented: “The particular point to note from this research is that there is a very strong relationship between people believing that action will be taken as a result of the survey, and also being engaged at work.

“As part of our Employee Engagement Model, we can help businesses to identify their own employees’ engagement drivers and work with this knowledge to create a more productive and enjoyable working environment in which employees can flourish.

“Creating a particular vision and culture in your company is essential for success, and we can help you to apply this concept throughout your organisation; allowing you to take action and start seeing results.”

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About People Insight:

People Insight specialise in measuring employee engagement and offering practical advice on all aspects of the survey cycle to provide the insight and support organisations need to transform their performance. UK employers of all sizes spanning the public, private and not for profit sectors choose to work with People Insight as they have a great reputation for delivering a professional, personal and responsive engagement survey service that clients can trust.


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