Poly Cotton Remains Popular

England 02/04/2012 – Despite the invention of modern fabrics poly cotton is still as widely used as ever

Despite the high cost of cotton, poly cotton is still one of the most popular fabrics in the world. It is used to make a huge array of everyday items. The majority of our clothes are made from it as well as much of the bedding that we use.

The fact that it combines a manmade fibre with a natural fibre means that you get the best of both worlds. Cotton and polyester are both hardwearing fibres that are easy to work with. However, cotton can be hard to dye and make colour fast, by combining it with polyester you get past this problem. In addition, pure cotton has a tendency to crease and be slow to dry. By mixing it with polyester, you produce a fabric that dries quicker and can be kept wrinkle free. Poly cotton is also less expensive than pure cotton. In addition, it is more wind and rain resistant.

How poly cotton is likely to evolve

Over the years, modern manufacturing techniques have allowed fabric makers to come up with lighter versions of poly cotton. This has made the fabric more versatile and has brought the price down. For example you can make more lightweight shirts that are suitable for use even in the hottest climates. Because it can be more tightly woven this lightweight, poly cotton is just as durable as traditional poly cotton. The fact the fabric is lighter means that it is cheaper.

Given that, the price of cotton is continuing to rise. It seems likely that the ratio of cotton to polyester will continue to change in favour of polyester. You will see less 70% cotton 30% polyester fabrics and far more 60/40 and 50/50 mixes.

UK Fabrics Online sells a huge range of poly cotton fabrics. It is one of their biggest selling ranges and they expect that to continue to be the case. Both the private individuals and clothing manufactures that buy from them are continuing to buy all forms of this versatile and durable fabric from them.


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