Chichester, UK (27th November, 2012) – ANS Group Europe, leading designers of indoor and outdoor living walls, has completed a living wall for a new development by Vision Homes.

ANS Group Europe has recently installed a living wall on a new residential building developed by Vision Homes, a company which specialises in high-quality new developments in and around London; every property in their portfolio boasts a unique creative flair and is tailored for modern urban living. ANS Group Europe designed the living wall in close collaboration with Covent Garden Plants – a popular tropical plant company – and used eight different species of plants.

At 1.25 metres wide and over four storeys high, the wall features swathes of planting to depict Vision Homes’ ability to work around obstacles whilst moving continually upwards. The living wall brings an extra colourful and attractive quality to the building, which is located on New Kent Road, SE1; the green wall will also play an important role in the environmental sustainability programme for the project.

A spokesperson for Vision Homes said: “It was great working with ANS Group to create an iconic living wall in zone-one London; it has been commented on and enjoyed by the residents, local people and businesses. They have helped throughout the design process with their experience and advice to overcome technical problems, and arranged the plants to create the right pattern down the wall.”

Joel Nash, Marketing Manager at ANS Group Europe, said: “The living wall recently installed in New Kent Road is an eye-catching feature to the new development. Vision Homes aim to combine creative flair with a discerning eye for detail; the living wall is a perfect reflection of this. Designed by ANS Group’s in-house design team, the living wall was planted and installed to the high standards expected from the ANS Living wall system.”

For more information on ANS Group (Europe) and their living walls, visit their site at or call +44 (0)845 505 5555.

About ANS Group (Europe):
With wide-ranging expertise in all areas of horticulture and planting design, ANS Group (Europe) is passionate about supplying the best indoor and outdoor living walls. They offer flexible packages which are tailored to each client’s specific requirements, with a variety of diverse design techniques at their disposal. They also provide regular maintenance visits to ensure all living walls remain healthy and looking at their very best.

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