Sales of Foods That Heal Continue to Grow

England 16/09/2012 – Nutrition is a vital component for the healing process and emphasis is now being put on this by the medical profession

The role of nutrition in maintaining health has been widely researched. These results have been used to educate the general public about the role what they eat has in the maintenance of their health. People understand that if they eat well they can stay healthy for longer. However, not many people realise how important good nutrition is to helping their bodies to heal. Fortunately, the medical profession does and they are increasingly factoring nutrition into treatment plans for their patients.

This has opened the way for firms like Nutricia Nutrition who develop, manufacture and sell specialist nutrition products or functional foods to grow their businesses. It is still a niche market, but sales are growing rapidly. Sales for the sector last year stood at around £5.8 million, however sales for this year, 2013 are projected to reach £6.4 million.


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