Premier Care in Bathing Offer Ever-Increasing Range of Attractive Bathroom Mobility Solutions

Redditch, United Kingdom (30 September 2010) – Premier Care in Bathing, a leading global provider of assisted bathing solutions for the elderly and infirm, are able to provide more and more bathrooms, equipment and fittings for the elderly that assist them in their daily activities, but also look elegant and attractive at the same time.

Premier Care in Bathing understands that many who suffer from various medical conditions need a lot of assistance in their daily bathroom routine. It is a sad fact that the bathroom is one of the most prominent places where accidents occur as people get older. People often slip in the humid atmosphere or fall when attempting to exit the bathtub or shower.

Premier Care in Bathing however don’t feel that aesthetics have to be compromised when people are looking to make their bathroom a safer environment. They can supply a range of fall-arrest bathroom equipment that can help make a bathing experience safer and more enjoyable, whilst also keeping the bathroom pleasing to the eye. They can offer walk-in showers, baths, bathing lift aids, bathtub grab rails and more that can make for a safer bathing experience whilst adding to the overall decor of the bathroom.

“Many are under the impression that as soon as they need help navigating the bathroom they have to compromise style for the benefit of their own security. We here at Premier Care in Bathing are here to tell you that this assumption is utterly false,” commented a spokesperson for Premier Bathrooms. “All of our products are attractive and can really enhance your bathing experience – especially our easy access baths which can add practical safety features to a stylish, relaxing bathroom. We are always on the lookout to expand our range of bathing solutions that will keep your home looking wonderful whilst also making your bathroom a safer environment.”

To find out more about Premier Care in Bathing or to request a free brochure, visit their website today at: or telephone for free on 0800 018 0088.

About Premier Care in Bathing part of the Premier Bathrooms Group:
Premier Bathrooms Group are the leading supplier of walk-in baths and other assisted bathing solutions. Founded as a family company in 1985, Premier Bathrooms Group has since grown to be at the forefront of safe bathing for the elderly and infirm worldwide. With over 25 years’ development in the art of safe and accessible bathing Premier Bathrooms can create a bathroom that will help people regain their independence with their life-changing products and accessories. They also offer a full after-care service and are able to distribute free brochures detailing their services.

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