Promotional Merchandise Launch ‘Fast Quote’ System


London, United Kingdom (01 October 2010) – Promotional Merchandise, a leading UK online store supplying promotional products, has launched a Fast Quote System for regular buyers on the Promotional Merchandise website.

To simplify the quote-receiving process for repeat buyers, Promotional Merchandise recently released the Promotional Merchandise Fast Quotes Program as part of their client satisfaction-based approach to customer service, in hopes that this will help buyers to receive more accurate and varied quotes on promotional items.

Returning partners will receive an email informing them that they are a member of the Fast Quote Program, along with details of how the new program works which makes the process of receiving responses from quotes much quicker.

“Buyers enter their Quick Quote at, and then the quote is pre-verified so that buyers can get faster overall responses to their specific quote. This means that annoying telephone calls will be a thing of the past if you use our Fast Quotes Program,” commented Paul Sung, Sales Director of Promotional Merchandise. “We have also provided an alternative option for our buyers, in which they can simply email their request to to avoid filling out any forms. However, for maximum efficiency, we do recommend that anyone using this innovative, useful new service includes estimated quantities of what they need so that any suppliers can quote their best price more efficiently. We hope that our repeat buyers will find this quotes system helpful when they are sourcing promotional merchandise.”

To find out more about Promotional Merchandise and their Fast Quote Program, visit their website at or telephone at +44 (0)20 8846 2734.

About Promotional Merchandise:

A London-based branch of international media company the Tarsus Group’s Tarsus Online Media division, Promotional Merchandise is a leading UK site for organizations sourcing promotional items. With a presence across France, Germany, China, and the USA as well as the UK, Promotional Merchandise offers promotional items including mouse mats, t-shirts, umbrellas, mugs, and carrier bags in bespoke designs, and has industry-leading clients Lego, BT, Starbucks, Barclays, BMW, and the BBC currently using their services.



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