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London, July 05, 2010 Exciting new internet company, Innovate CV, is delighted to announce the launch of its cutting-edge CV design tool, which they say will transform the recruitment process for both applicants and employers.

Getting your CV to stand out is a challenge in today’s job market. Applicants have to type, print off, and post dozens of CVs to prospective employers, in various versions which are hard to keep track of. They have no way of knowing if their CVs even arrive at the right desk, much less whether they are looked at. With no feedback from the employers, how do they know what they need to improve to get that elusive job?

Now there’s an answer. Innovate CV has announced the release of a new generation online tool that will enable candidates to create bespoke online CVs quickly and easily. It will be brandable within agency formats and templates, with a simple master CV which can then be customized to suit each vacancy applied for. The aim is to transform the recruitment process for everybody – candidates, employers, and recruitment agencies alike.

With Innovate CV, candidates can create CV templates simply and easily, storing them in a way that’s easy to identify and keep track of. Bespoke CVs can be created for each job and emailed directly to employers and agencies. With no frustrating printing and posting, it’s easy to see who has read their CVs, and they can enhance their prospects by forwarding attachments, videos, work samples, and such like at the same time.

Innovate CV is the perfect tool for employers and agencies, too. Its increased functionality, which offers the option of keeping track of several prospects at once, helps save HR departments both time and money.

“Our aim is simple,” said an Innovate CV spokesman. “To match the right candidates to the right jobs quickly and easily, and help employers streamline their human resources at the same time. What’s more, Innovate CV templates will integrate seamlessly with existing agency systems.”

About Innovate CV:

Innovate CV aims to take a new and technologically advanced approach to the recruitment industry with its online tools to transform the process for all parties involved.  With a board of directors and staff drawn from the recruitment, business, innovation, and technology sectors, Innovate CV is dedicated to producing dynamic results for employers, applicants, and recruitment consultants with their online resume tools.


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