Track Surveys Advises Employers Following CIPD’s Labour Market Outlook Report

London, United Kingdom (13th November, 2012) – Track Surveys, a leading UK provider of performance related programmes, offer advice on the latest CIPD’s Labour Market Outlook Report.

The Labour Market Outlook Report 2012 was recently released, and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) highlighted various trends in the UK labour market for both employees and employers.

Temporary and part-time employment has grown significantly over the past few months, and is likely to continue throughout the remainder of the year. Recruitment among employers has also remained relatively stable since the Summer 2012 Report, and two-thirds of employers intend to hire additional staff this quarter.

Employers’ recruitment intentions in the public sector are slightly higher than in the private sector, and have taken a dramatic shift since 2010 which witnessed private sector companies hiring nearly double the amount of public sector organisations. However, similar to the Autumn 2011 Report, 41% of employers are reporting difficulties filling vacancies, with roles in engineering, IT and management reportedly being the hardest positions to fill. Many employers are also struggling to find the appropriate candidate for project manager, driver, scientist and consultant roles. 48% of large employers have also reported that they have recruitment issues.

It’s imperative for employers to hire the right staff the first time round, as employment costs can be incredibly expensive. The costs are not just limited to recruitment fees, as the company will also pay for the cost of non-productivity, the effect on employee morale and lost business opportunities.

However, Track Surveys can provide a robust, clear and easy-to-use system for managing employee performance, and believe goal settings and feedback are at the core of employee performance management. Track Surveys can also obtain fast feedback on new employees’ progress within their first three months of employment, so retention decisions can be made quickly using evidence-based techniques and data.

A spokesperson for Track Surveys commented: “It’s now more critical than ever for employers to have a clear and transparent way of assessing a candidate’s skills. We are experts in online systems for supporting recruitment, employee performance and more, and offer a consistent way of managing staff performance. Therefore, we encourage customers to make the right employment decision and come to us here at Track Surveys.”

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