RX70 Forklift Truck – Efficient Hybrid Technology

STILL Materials Handling Ltd introduces the RX70 Hybrid fork lift truck, it is based on the highly successful RX70 diesel truck. This truck excels by using less energy than any other product in it’s class. Dependent on the type of application, the technology will reduce fuel consumption by a further 15%.

The new RX70 Hybrid is equipped with two energy storage systems.

The RX70 leads the way environmentally & economically.

The RX70 Hybrid pays for itself in as little as 3000 hours of usage.

This innovative product is another STILL contribution in the effort to environmentally sustain your intralogistics. The lower consumption of energy means lower CO2 emissions. The RX70 hybrid makes use of “free” energy. This is recuperated from the kinetic energy when using the truck brakes. This energy is stored and can then be used for the next acceleration.

STILL has more than 90 years experience in developing active and intelligent solutions for the internal flow of materials and information. We are delighted to announce that STILL Germany have recently handed over 20 state of the art RX70 Hybrid rental forklift trucks to Kühne + Nagel.

The STILL hybrid fork lift trucks will operate at the fairs in Munich, Nuremberg, Hanover, Cologne and Düsseldorf. “It is our goal to continuously raise our efficiency in order handling at the fair grounds and to be eco-friendly at the same time,” explains Jörn Schneemann, director of the fair department at Kühne + Nagel KN Expo Service. “The RX70 Hybrid from STILL has passed our tests with the best results by far. The fuel consumption per hour was up to 1.2 litres lower than that of the compared models. We are pleased to start operating a total of 20 of these trucks at five important fair grounds now.”

This makes Kühne + Nagel the first forwarder in Germany to operate the RX70 Hybrid at trade fairs.

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