Quadrasol Uses Strong Industry Relationships To Benefit PCB Design Offering

August 28th 2012 – PCB production requires many different stages from the sourcing of inexpensive but high quality parts to signal integrity analysis and manufacture. Only by ensuring that all of these elements of production are completed to the best possible standards can a company hope to enjoy the best possible finished item. PCB design company Quadrasol, who provide assistance to clients with every stage of the process, can help source some of the best available products to ensure this high quality production.

Whether a client is looking for the bare PCB or for full component sourcing, Quadrasol is experienced in finding the best quality items at competitive rates. This helps ensure that the finished PCB, whether it is a prototype assembly or the finished product, is of a very high quality. Not only should the PCB itself be robust and durable, as well as able to take the components that the client requires, but every component should be of an equally high standard.

Reverse engineering is a technique of taking a finished PCB and then determining how it was made, which components were used to make it and, importantly, how this design can be replicated to provide the best results possible. It is a technique that is used in many aspects of design and manufacture, and is especially useful in PCB design where the designer wants to emulate an existing printed circuit board or PCB.

Quadrasol is one of the UK’s largest PCB design bureaus and, as well as having a strong relationship with board and component manufacturers they also specialise in reverse engineering PCB designs and assisting clients in every step of the PCB manufacturing process.


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