Single Customer View Databases Offer Tight Control Over Business Marketing Data

Warrington, UK February 15th 2012 – Direct marketing remains one of the most popular, cost effective, and efficient forms of marketing for a lot of businesses. However, it does require careful management to ensure ethical and lasting results. A Single Customer View database provides all of this and more, providing marketers with the opportunity to collect and collate data, convert it into useful marketing databases, and to plan and manage direct marketing campaigns. This can be used to help ensure that a direct marketing campaign has the greatest possible conversion rates and offers a strong ROI.

Businesses with their own websites and online real estate are well armed to collect their own email data and create their own lists. Doing so can reduce marketing costs and ensure greater response from every piece of direct communication. A powerful Single Customer View database will assist by collecting data automatically after it has been submitted in online forms. The data will then be processed, categorised, and added to the appropriate marketing list.

When running a direct marketing campaign, it is essential that you run an ethical campaign. Every piece of communication should be sent to people that have expressed an interest or have been given the opportunity to opt out of further communication. When using a Single Customer View database, businesses should ensure that it provides this opt out option otherwise they not only face the possibility of unanswered marketing messages but legal action can also be taken.

The Single Customer View database from is designed as an all in one direct marketing database. It enables businesses to collect, collate, and sort data. It provides a simple means of editing and updating data while also offering extensive emailing options. It can help improve a marketing program by offering excellent conversion rates and a very strong return on investment.


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