Displaysense Comment on Increased Demand for Plus Sized Mannequins

Herts, United Kingdom (14 December, 2011) – Displaysense, a leading UK shop fitting provider, comment on the increased demand for plus sized mannequins.

It is essential that retail companies do not alienate their customers; however, many people feel the incorporation of skinny mannequins in stores is not a true representation of a majority of women and men in the UK. Therefore, there is now a greater demand for stores to present their clothing on plus sized mannequins to avoid misleading representations of clothing to their customers.

Displaysense is a leading provider of display products, such as mannequins, clothes steamers, display cabinets and other shop fittings, and have recently received an increased demand for plus sized mannequins from a range of retail stores. Displaysense recently stated that they believe that demand will most likely continue into 2012 as many online and offline stores are attempting to cater for the plus sized market.

A spokesperson from Displaysense commented: “Many stores across the UK are seeing an increased demand for plus sized clothing, and many high street stores and online retailers are attempting to cater to their customer needs due to the ever competitive retail market. Therefore, it is essential that garments are displayed on plus sized mannequins to avoid misleading advertising of clothing on skinny mannequins which can result in body image issues.”

For more information on Displaysense and their mannequins, visit their website at http://www.displaysense.co.uk or telephone 01279 213812.

About Displaysense:

Displaysense is one of the leading shop fitting providers in the UK and have been established since 1978, and therefore have a wealth of experience in the bespoke sale display manufacturing industry. Displaysense can provide their online and mail order customers with a huge variety of sale display products, such as mannequins, literature stands, exhibition furniture, catering displays, display cabinets and so much more.


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