The Energy Saving Trusts Advice Homeowners to Consider Cavity Wall Insulation

England 13/08/2012- Homeowners are finally heeding calls to install cavity wall insulation

When you consider that installing cavity wall insulation could, according to the Energy Saving Trust, saves homeowners up to £135 a year it is startling that more are not actually considering it. Most people seem to have heeded the advice to install loft insulation. However, the insulation of cavity wall insulation is still not very popular in the UK.

Large groups of consumers still perceive it as being an expensive option. However, the Energy Saving Trust point out that they can be done for between £100 and £350. This means that, on average, it will only take five or six years for cavity wall insulation to end up paying for itself. Each homeowner that installs this insulation in their home could potentially be saving 550 kg of carbon every year. This could has a significant impact on greenhouse gases overall.

Yet still homeowners resist installing it. Luckily, however, building contractors are increasingly insulating the walls of buildings that they build.

Cavity Wall Insulation for new buildings

They are doing so for several reasons. Firstly, of course this is to meet building regulations, which have recently been updated to ensure that buildings are more energy-efficient. However, many builders are doing so because green homes sell well. Consumers are increasingly worried about the rising cost of heating and cooling their homes. Therefore, given the choice between an energy-efficient home and one that is not so efficient they will frequently plump for the energy-efficient home. Therefore, it is in the interests of builders to build using good quality insulation in their walls. The more the cost of fuel goes up the more attracted people will be to buying homes that are truly energy efficient. They want comfortable homes that do not cost the earth, either financially or environmentally, to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Manufacturers and suppliers of cavity wall insulation such as YBS Insulation have seen a steady increase in demand. For decades, YBS has been designing award-winning insulation materials. Today, they have a fantastic reputation and are one of the first places builders turn to when they start planning a new development.


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