Cheshire, United Kingdom (XX April, 2011) – Watt Works Consulting Ltd, a dynamic consulting, training and coaching company that helps individuals and organisations achieve sustainable performance improvement, is pleased to announce that it will be offering a full-curriculum Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner training course at a number of UK venues in the near future.

The company, which already offers a range of personal and organisational development courses in London, Cheshire and Belfast, has decided to expand its range of NLP training to include this widely recognised and respected level of training in NLP. The course will consist of approximately 120 hours of live, experiential training, designed to develop within students an appreciation of the concepts and approaches of NLP, whilst skilling them in a wide range of techniques and applications.

Practitioner Level training is recognised within the NLP community as a significant level of training and students holding a Practitioner Certificate can choose to further develop their interest by advancing to Master Practitioner training and beyond.  The qualification can also be a welcome addition to an individual’s CV.

Apart from the stimulating, interactive classroom learning that will be offered on the course, Watt Works will be helping students utilise and integrate many of their new-found skills through practical modules based around developing skills on indoor climbing walls.  These climbing sessions which will enable students to develop real, ‘in the muscle’ confidence in the techniques of self-mastery they will learn,  will be blended with relevant NLP concepts and supervised by fully qualified climbing instructors.

The NLP Practitioner courses will be run in the company’s key locations of London, Cheshire and Belfast and will be led by fully certified NLP Trainers.  The Lead Trainer will be Watt Works’ Director of Training, Damian Hamill, who commented:

“We are very pleased to be expanding our training programme by offering what is generally considered to be a significant first step qualification in NLP – Practitioner certification.  We believe that the opportunity we provide students to meet and exceed personal challenge in a supportive environment through our integrated climbing experience, makes this training that little bit special.  Many of our students may find that this training provides them with all of the NLP knowledge and skills that they require whilst others may find their appetite whetted to go further and undertake advanced training.  Whatever our student’s goals – we look forward to helping them achieve them.”

For more information on Watt Works and their courses, visit their website at or telephone 01565-759893.

About Watt Works:

Watt Works are a UK based company specialising in a range of consulting, training and coaching services, such as business coaching, management consultancy and management development training. They can help participants improve aspects of their personality which can help them achieve personal and professional dreams. They can deliver courses to organisations or individuals, and are available on an open programme or in-house.


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