The Italian Translator Offers Free Lessons

England 10/10/2012- A freelance Italian translator and teacher from Manchester is offering free Italian lessons via the web

An Italian translator who is a member of the Institute of Translators and Interpreters (ITI) has recently decided to offer free lessons via her blog. Her name is Amedea, who after several years working in the Manchester area as a translator, voiceover artist and teacher has decided it is time for yet another new challenge.

Her unique and fun approach to teaching Italian has, over the years, benefited hundreds of Italian language students in the Manchester area. Her success with students from the area has inspired her to help more people to learn the beautiful Italian language. A chat with a local SEO guru made her realise that her website was the perfect vehicle for this. She has always been active on her site, writing interesting and informative blogs about her work and life so was not phased by writing a series of free lessons for her blog readers to benefit from. Writing comes naturally to her and she has an engaging style that makes her free Italian lessons especially easy to follow and understand.

The fact that Ameda has lived in the UK for several years has really helped her to understand the English language. Understanding local colloquiums and the nuances of the language is vital to teaching a foreign language effectively. It helps the teacher to understand what a student is actually trying to say and work out which phrases in Italian, or any other language, express that properly. Her local knowledge and understanding is reflected in her classes and in her free Italian lessons series.

The Italian Translator’s other work

However, The Italian Translator is still planning to continue with her other work. She runs Italian classes in Didsbury, Hale Altringham and Chorlton, which are very popular. Increasingly she is teaching on a one on one basis. The need to do business on an international basis means that she now has quite a few businessmen and women who are at the stage where they want to hone their Italian language skills. Her connections with Manchester’s business community are also providing her with translation work. As digital media, in particular video becomes more important her Italian voiceover services are also increasingly in demand.


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