Birmingham, United Kingdom (08 June, 2011) – Green Room Retail, leading expert providers of retail solutions including retail design, point-of-purchase, shop-in-shop and flagship store design, won the contract to design and create an in-store demonstration unit for Sony PlayStation.

The Sony PlayStation brief was to create a more adaptable and cost-effective solution for
in-store demonstrations in independent retail outlets. From past experience, Sony found that this was very costly and labour intensive, with an external company being paid to collect the temporary demonstration unit, travel to the store and assemble the unit out of hours. A Sony demonstrator would then go to the store to prepare the equipment and begin the demonstrations.

The new retail display unit needed to be suitable for display, sampling, new console/game launches and education programmes. The Green Room team then started to design and develop a mobile unit that would be suitable for one person to carry and assemble with ease, whilst ensuring that the overall dimensions would allow the unit to fit well in the boot of a car for ease of transport, and was built with locking doors for efficient self-security.
“Green Room’s challenge was to create a more flexible, mobile solution that would improve productivity and add efficiency to the process,” commented Richard Ash, founder and CEO of Green Room Retail. “We wanted the new mobile demo unit to be taken to the stores by a single Sony PlayStation representative and assembled quickly on site, and the end result was a successful demonstration unit that could be transported, assembled and operated by one person; reducing set up and turnaround/waiting times considerably.

“The unit takes an individual only 5 minutes to assemble; comparable to something very basic like a pop-up banner, which is a testament to the hard work and efforts of our team, who worked to perfect the unit with great dedication.

“We look forward to following up on the commercial success of this unit for Sony when we begin development on the PS solution further to demonstrate multiple electronics products at the same time.”

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About Green Room Retail:

Opening its doors back in 2001, Green Room Retail (GRR) was born out of MD Richard Ash’s love of retail. Having spent 15 years working with some of the most successful brands in the world, Richard’s vision was simple – to offer clients exceptional creativity and service at a fair price. The company continues to go from strength to strength, with leading brands from around the world trusting Green Room Retail to deliver them unexpected retail solutions. GRR recently extended their Birmingham offices and also, a short while ago, collaborated on BBC 2’s leading retail design programme ‘Mary Queen of Shops’ with Mary Portas.


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